Secure Client Portal


This new portal will allow only you to sign sensitive documents through IRS mandated “Knowledge Based Authentication”. You should also be able to sign on a phone or tablet.

Use this Client Portal link to:

•  Securely upload your Tax documents or other important documents, you’d like to save offsite securely (let Larry know about non-tax documents).

•  Download Documents sent to you from your preparer.

•  Sign required documents.


You will be able to upload:

• PDFs

• Spreadsheets

• Pictures


(When uploading Tax Documents, PLEASE name your PDF or Picture). e.g. 2022 ABC Company W-2 or 2022 XYZ Company W-2. When you do not include the tax year or name of your uploaded documents, it takes additional time to sort through them & name them for storage and return preparation. Time is money, please save yourself some money!


Did you know, you can download the Adobe Mobile Scanner app from The Google Play Store and The Apple app store? You’ll be able to take CLEAR pictures of your Tax documents on your smart phone and save them as PDFs.



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